Tips and Ideas For Enjoying Your Stay in Penticton

Have Fun in Penticton!

Penticton the “Oasis”

Penticton is a unique oasis in the Okanagan set between two lakes – Okanagan and Skaha.   There are plenty of beaches, all different kinds of water conditions, an adjoining canal that boasts one of the best “floatie” experiences in Canada, biking and hiking trails galore, and of course, over 60 wineries within a 20 km radius.    This little town has it all!

There are festivals and events planned for pretty much every weekend during the summer, and many of the wineries in the region have special event nights as well.

Click Here For Festival and Event Listings

Plenty of Accomodation

There is camping available only steps to the beach.  Hotels and motels abound, and there are also plenty of guest houses and vacation rentals, many on expansive estates on the Naramata wine trail.  The airport is right in town and is serviced from both Vancouver and Calgary, so really it is nothing to pop down for a weekend.

The posts below list a number of ideas and alternatives, from having fun on the water to experiencing the great tastes of Okanagan Wines (Click here for wine touring ideas).

Ripe Grapes Along the Naramata Bench

Are You Travelling With Kids?

There’s lots to do in Penticton that doesn’t cost a great deal of money.  In the first article below there is a list of FREE things to do (Click here for the list) while you’re here.  Why not do a couple of these activities first while you’re thinking about some of the “bigger” things you might want to do?   It really doesn’t matter what you spend on something, as long as in the end you Have Fun doing it!


Most people travel with their dogs these days.  And why wouldn’t you? You can’t leave them at home – they are part of the family! Penticton is a relatively dog-friendly place.

Check out this Article which describes the dog parks in the area, as well as offers some tips for where you can and cannot take your dog.

Plan Your Day

Skaha Lake Penticton
A Day at Skaha Lake

A Day At Skaha Lake

Skaha lake is the smaller of the two lakes that embrace the City of Penticton.     The Skaha Lake Park is very family friendly and a great place to spend a day or two, swimming and playing games.   Read more here…

Penticton Bc Okanagan lake
A Day at okanagan lake

A Day at Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake is the larger of the two Lakes embracing the City of Penticton.   There are plenty of activities available to do on or along the Okanagan Lake shore.     Read on for a list of all the things you can do here…

5 Day Plan with Kids

5 Day Plan With Kids

Here is a suggestion for what to do on your vacation if you have kids.  We run through a 5 day plan offering a ton of suggestions of where to go and what to do.    Choose them all.  Choose just a few.   Most of all, just have fun.  Go Here.

Fruit and Wine

Ripe fruit penticton
All About Fruit

All About Fruit

What type of fruit grows here?  When is it ripe?  Find out more HERE

Wine tasting in penticton
All About Wine

All About Wine

How many wineries are there in the region?    What goes into the making of a great wine?  Find out more Here.

Wine Touring Ideas

3 Days of Wine

You have three days in Penticton and you’d like to taste some wine.    Where should you go?  We have some suggestions for your here

Fun and Adventure

Paddle Boarding Penticton
Top 10 Things to Do On The Water

Top 10 Things to Do on the Water

Here is a list of the Top 10 (12, actually) things you can do on the water in Penticton.  Go Here.

Things to do in Penticton

FREE Fun!!!

FREE FUN!  Are you looking for things you can do with your kids that don’t cost a lot of money but still produce enjoyment?  Check out this list….

Rock Climbing at Skaha Bluffs

Adventure, Games and Activities

Bored?  Want to challenge yourself?  Need an adrenaline rush?   Check out this list of things you can do that would be memorable for years to come.  Check out more ideas here.