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A Day at Skaha Lake

skaha lake park penticton
The Beach at Skaha Lake Park is loooong

Skaha Park is a hidden gem, right in the town of Penticton.

There are so many activities you can do here, and most of them are FREE.

The beach in the park is expansive, full of sand, and well marked off to keep the boaters away from the swimmers.

Skaha Lake Park Penticton
Boat Launch and Marina at Skaha Lake Park


There is a boat launch at the east end of the park, so if you own something you want to throw in the water this is the place to do it.    At or near the Marina there is genernally all sorts of opportunities for equipment rentals as well:

Paddleboards,   Kayaks,    SeaDoos,  Wakeboarding/waterskiing.

Skaha Lake Park Penticton
Swimming at Skaha Lake Park


The water is warm and the swimming areas are well marked off to keep the boaters away.   there are rafts to swim out to, and even a few slides to enjoy along the waterfront.

Skaha Lake Park Penticton
The Spray Park is not always just for kids

Spray Park

A great way to cool down on a hot day.    It is mostly for the little kids but a few big kids sneak in to cool off every once in awhile.  

The park is located near the boat launch and the public washrooms.

Playground at Skaha Lake where kids can burn off some energy


There are plenty of things to climb on and play in.    This will keep small kids amused for hours.   There are benches you can sit on or grass that you can spread out on while you watch your kids enjoy themselves.

The Ball Diamond is located near the boat launch and the marina

Baseball diamond

Why not toss the ball around or play a game of scrub with your friends.  There is a league that plays on the diamond but it is rarely busy on the weekends or during the day.

There are several courts to play on in the park

Basketball hoops

There are several throughout the park, with throw lines marked.    While there are no balls for rent anywhere, the Walmart is not very far up the road you can probably find something you can use to play with.

Great for a short morning workout

Fitness area

A fun little addition to the park, the Rotary donated stationary fitness equipment which is set up with cards telling you what the equipment is for, and how to use it.

The tennis courts are located in the center of Skaha Park close to the Volleyball courts

Tennis Courts

Usually these courts are a little busier in the early morning or in the  evening when things cool off a bit, but there is usually a couple of free courts available whenever you feel the pull.

Skaha Lake park volleyball
Beach Volleyball courts located in the center of Skaha Park

Volleyball Courts

Skaha Park has an impressive setup of beach volleyball courts.  They do have leagues that use the courts regularly, but they are often vacant just waiting to be used.  Many of the courts are in the shade for at least part of the day which can be a plus on a hot day.

Skaha Lake park playground
Discovery Park is a fun interactive playground for kids right off the beach in Skaha lake Park

Discovery Park

One of the newest features in the park, there are plenty of activities for kids to do.  The park is right near the main beach so it is easy to keep an eye on the kids whichever activity they want to do.


You can get ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers and much more…

The Marina has a small restaurant attached to it.  There are also two other main concessions in the park, one at either end.   On busier days there is usually an additional vendor or two selling slushies and cold drinks.

Basically, you can grab a burger and fries and some ice cream at the beach anytime, or if you plan ahead there are plenty of deli’s on the way to the beach that will make you up some salads or sandwiches for a picnic.

Where is Skaha lake Park?

Penticton sits between two lakes. Skaha Lake is a much smaller lake than the Okanagan Lake, therefore is slightly warmer, and doesn’t experience the big waves when the winds come up.

The Park itself is located on the East side of the beach front.  You will find more of the camping on the West side of the beach.

If you are going to spend a day at the beach, there is a boardwalk you can walk along until you find that perfect spot to put your blanket down.  You might want to remember an umbrella or a shade tent, as trees on the beach itself get quite popular.