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A Day at Okanagan Lake

There is plenty to do in Penticton around the Okanagan Lake, both in the water, and on dry land.   Here are a number of things you might want to check out during the day.  Many activities are even FREE.


Of course, given that there is a Lake, there is plenty of swimming you can do.  There are a number of different spots you can choose to swim, and after you try a few you will likely find your favourite.    There are a few slides you can use and a few rafts you can swim out to.    There is even a WiBit you can bounce on at the end of the beach near the Sicamous.

Bounce on the WiBit

A smaller, quieter beach on the shores of Okanagan Lake
Swimming on the Okanagan Lake

Visit Munson Mountain

Before you get too engrossed in a particular activity, hop in the car and take a short jaunt up to Munson mountain, where the letters PENTICTON reside.  

Take a picture of you and/or your family sitting on a letter or two, and at the same time, look around and appreciate the expansive view of the city.

Munson Mountain is where the big Penticton sign resides
View from Munson Mountain

Walk the Waterfront Boardwalk

When you’re done taking pictures and admiring the view from Munson mountain, hop back in the car and head down to the Okanagan Lake.   Park at the far end of the beach and take a walk along the boardwalk.   You can walk all the way from one end to the other – it’s about 1km in total.   As you wander, you will see all the activities you can do there.

Get excited.   Dream up a “bucket list” of things you want to do before you leave town.  There are also many restaurants and patios along the way that you can stop at and grab a bite to eat as you ponder.

Okanagan Lake Penticton Boardwalk
You can walk the boardwalk for miles

Rent a Bike

Rent a “family”  (4-6 person) bike and tour the streets of downtown.  Honk and wave at everyone as you pass them by.   Yes, this may seem like a rather corny thing to do, but you’re on vacation and that’s what people on vacation do.

Everyone can help pedal the bike and everyone can have input into what direction you go.    An opportunity for developing those teamwork skills!

Bikes in Penticton
Four Person Bike


Rent a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and bike around town.

Visit Loco Landing

While it does cost a bit of money, Loco Landing is a fantastic place to take the kids.  There are so many activities there, and is a nice break from the water.  Ride the go-carts.  Play some mini-golf. And climb a rock wall, to name a few activities.

Go-carts, rock climbing mini-golf and many other activities can be found at Loco Landing.

Visit the Skateboarding Park

Just beside Loco Landing is a wonderful skating park for kids of all ages.  And it’s FREE!

One of the largest and best skate boarding parks in the Okanagan is located right beside Loco Landing – just down the way from the Sicamous

Visit the Dam

While you are just outside the gates of Loco landing, take a short jaunt on a path beside the Rose Garden towards the canal that joins Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake.     During the summer, many people enjoy floating down the canal towards Skaha lake.

At this particular spot you will find the dam that controls the water flow between the two lakes.     The water flows faster during periods of high water (spring), and slows down towards the fall.

Rent the Party Barge

Take a group of friends or family out for a couple hours on the lake.    Have a BBQ.    Have a swim.

Rent a party barge for a few hours and tour the lake


Take a Cruise on the Princess Casabella

The Princess Casabella cruises around the South end of the Okanagan Lake and offers a brand new perspective of the area.   This boat is licensed, and has the option of having a snack or a meal or just enjoy the ride.

Take an afternoon or a dinner cruise on the Okanagan Lake

The S.S. Sicamous

Finally, pop in at the Sicamous and learn a little bit about the history of the region. The Sicamous was a paddle wheeler that transported people and goods up and down the lakes before the roads were any good. You can walk around the boat and appreciate what a voyage would have felt like.

There is also a mini re-creation of the Kettle Valley railway in the hull of the ship.   It is fun to watch as the train travels through tunnels and across ravines.  While the actual railway is no longer in operation, you can still catch a ride on the train through a small stretch of remaining track in Summerland.  You can also walk, or bike, much of the trail, as the railway bed has been preserved for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.

A well-preserved piece of history

All Things Okanagan Lake

frolicking kids penticton
The famous “frolicking kids” on Okanagan Lake walkway

You have toured the beaches, you have been around the town a bit, and you know all that there is to do. You should have a big list. But if you don’t, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Parasailing
  2. Banana boat ride
  3. WiBit
  4. Try Fly Boarding
  5. Rent a SeaDoo or a Boat
  6. Take a waterski or wakeboarding lesson
  7. Take a cruise around the lake

Our Section 10 Things to do on the Water has more details on each of these activities.