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Stroll through the market on a nice morning

Penticton is Open for the Summer!

On the backs of the record flooding in Okanagan Lake in 2017, the waters threatened to rise again this year, but did not get nearly as high.

Preparation for the high waters was much more organized this year, and large walls of sand were erected along the beach front early in the season.  As the waters recede, this sand will be spread across the beach providing great fodder for sand castles this summer!

The business of summer fun is getting back on top.   The Wii Bit is now in place along the Lake Shore, there are lots of kayaks and Paddle boards to rent, and the ice cream shops are all well-stocked and ready to go.

Skaha Lake does not suffer the threat from the flooding in the way Okanagan Lake does.  It is a much smaller lake, and there is only one input into the lake – the canal that joins the two lakes – so it was easy to control its level this spring.    So, while Okanagan Lake might not have as much beach access as one is used to at the moment, Skaha Lake still has plenty of beach, generally calmer waters, slides to go down and rafts to swim out to, and plenty of other things to do.

Events to Highlight this Summer:

The Elvis Festival and Collector Car Show is coming back on the June 22-24 weekend.    The streets and band shells will be all weekend and a good time will be had by all.

Rib Fest combined with Canada Day celebrations is coming up soon as well – June 29 to July 2.   Don’t miss the fireworks on July 1!

Peach Fest Begins August 8th and runs until Sunday August 12th.   Plenty of Live Music, a parade on Saturday, and fun for everyone.