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Top 10 Things to Do On The Water

The city of Penticton sits between 2 Lakes – Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake.  The Okanagan Lake is much larger than Skaha Lake, thus better for cruising and large boating excursions.    the Okanagan Lake beaches are often much busier in the summer, as they are closer to the main street of town, and shops and cafes.

Skaha Lake is a little bit warmer, and has a beautiful park providing shade for picnics and long days at the beach.  There are also plenty of playgrounds in the park, and rafts to swim out to on the water.

Penticton sits between two lakes. Skaha Lake is a much smaller lake than the Okanagan Lake, therefore is slightly warmer, and doesn’t experience the big waves when the winds come up.

The following are some suggestions (12,  actually) of what you can do in the water.  Enjoy!

1. Swim

Swimming on the Okanagan Lake

I know, this is stating the obvious. But don’t overlook the fact that there are five or six different areas or beaches you can visit within a short jaunt – why not make it a plan to swim at each.

2. Float

Floating down the canal is a very popular thing to do on a hot day.

Bring along the floatie you bought for your trip down the canal and just relax on the water.   This canal links Okanagan Lake with Skaha Lake.   You will find the entrance to the float drop-in just after Loco Landing near the Okanagan Lake.

3.  Bounce

Bounce on the WiBit

There is also the WiBit you can visit – those floating slides and climbing things you see out in the water near the Sicamous on Okanagan Lake.   For $20 you can don a lifejacket and bounce your way to exhaustion.

4. Parasail

Parasailing on Lake Okanagan

What a great way to gain perspective on the City of Penticton and the Okanagan Lake than up in a parasail. The boat lifts you high above any buildings you could climb, and deposits you safely back on the boat when you’re done. Worth the experience if it’s something you’ve never done before.

5. Paddleboard

There are paddleboard rentals available on both lakes

Paddleboarding has become extremely popular over the past number of years. You can rent them at several places along the beaches – there is even a place out in Naramata that rents them. It is probably better to do this earlier in the day in case the winds come up later. Also, for a less rocky experience, you might try Skaha lake as it is smaller and tends to get less wavy.

6. Kayak

Kayaks are available for rent at either lake, or. if you feel you are going to use it more often, you can purchase one at Canadian Tire

A great relaxing way to cruise the shoreline. You can rent them in a number of places, or you can pop into Canadian Tire and simply buy one. A good investment if you find out you actually enjoy yourself.

7. Banana Boat Ride

Yes, you too can get towed around Okanagan Lake on a giant yellow banana! Check out the rental shop near the giant peach  (Pier Water Sports). They would love to take you for a tow.

You can rent all sorts of water equipment at Pier Water Sports

8. Rent a seadoo

You don’t need a licence to take a SeaDoo out for a spin on the Lake – (as long as you rent it, listen to their instructions, and sign a waiver).    Lots of fun and a great way to get the wind in your hair.

Pier water Sports has several Sea Doos for rent.

9. Wakeboard or Waterski

If you have your own boat you can put it in either lake. Okanagan lake is much more expansive and much easier to find places where there really are no other boats around. On the other hand Skaha lake is smaller therefore is not subject to as many waves, which is always important when you’re waterskiing. Wakeboarders might in fact enjoy the challenge of a big wave here and there. If you don’t own a boat you can always get someone else to take you for a ride.

There are also boat rentals available at the pier at Lakeside Resort… the main hotel on the beach at Okanagan Lake.

10. Fly Boarding

There’s usually a guy with a SeaDoo and all the equipment to give you a shot at FlyBoarding (a.k.a. powerboarding)  He gives you a lesson and is very patient with you as you try and master the art of rising above the water.

Powerboarding takes awhile to catch on to but once you get control it can be a lot of fun.

11. Party Boat

Get a group of friends together and go out on a party boat for a couple of hours. Usually they have a bbq on board and easy access into the water and out if you feel like going for a dip in the middle of the lake. This could be a great way to spend an afternoon.

Rent a party barge for a few hours and tour the lake

12. Afternoon or Dinner Cruise

Take a cruise on the water for a couple of hours.   The Casabella Princess offers daily afternoon cruises and Dinner cruises a few times per week. You will have to plan ahead, as it is a very popular excursion, but a great way to spend and evening.

Take an afternoon Cruise on the Cassabella